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Geolocation Support

Geolocation is the method we use at BetMGM Sports, Casino, and Poker to ensure you are in New Jersey. State regulations require us to do this when you first connect, and occasionally during game play.

If you are having some trouble getting your location verified, here are some tips to help solve the problem:

  1. You must keep the Wi-Fi function enabled in order to play over a cellular connection. There is no need to be connected to a wireless network, the Wi-Fi function only needs to be turned ON.
    1. Apple:  Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and turn ON
    2. Android:  Go to Settings ->  Connections and turn Wi-Fi ON
  2. You must enable Location Services
    1. Apple:  Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and turn ON
    2. Android:  Go to Settings ->  Connections -> Location and turn ON
  3. If you are in a moving vehicle while playing, you may switch from one cell tower to another which could impact your connection to our services.
  4. If you are playing from a remote location or near the ocean, there may not be enough cell tower and/or Wi-Fi signals to properly confirm your location, so you may not be able to play.
  5. If you are playing near a state border, your location will be checked more frequently to verify you are still in the state of New Jersey.
  6.  We do not recommend using a personal cellular phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and connecting another mobile device to it in order to play.